Aareal ONE – Netiquette

Dear colleagues,

Aareal ONE is the group-wide magazine for employees of the Aareal Bank Group and can be accessed by employees working at the Bank through a defined login. We look forward to numerous comments on this platform. With a view to making interaction as pleasant and constructive as possible the editors have drawn up some platform rules. We would ask you to adhere to them.

Please publish your comments only under your real name. For that reason you have to register as a first-time user by using your business email address. You can write your comments in German or English. The contents published on this platform are intended exclusively for internal purposes of Aareal Bank Group and are not to be forwarded to third parties or published outside this platform. That applies also to your comments or those of your co-workers.

We attach great importance to nobody feeling excluded by the tone of the conversation. So even if you have differences of opinion, please remain constructive and factual and when you write a comment, observe the following points:

  • Your contribution is constructive and addresses the topic of the article you are commenting on.
  • Use a tone that you would like to hear if you were being addressed yourself.
  • Ensure that you are not posting any confidential, secret or copyright-protected information and mark quotations as such.
  • External links can enrich a discussion insofar as they adhere to the rules. Aareal ONE is not responsible for linked contents in comments.
  • Read your comment again before submitting it. Have I used the right tone? Could my formulations cause misunderstanding? Would my comment interest me? Is it relevant to the debate?


The Aareal ONE editors reserve the right to delete comments, deactivate the comment function for certain articles and contributions or to delete external links in comments, if our platform rules or general principles of good form are not adhered to, for example in the case of discrimination against and defamation of individuals and groups. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users who repeatedly infringe our platform rules from the Aareal ONE platform.

In conclusion a word about censorship: we are not censoring. However, we enforce our house rules on our Internet pages. In so doing, we see our most important task as enabling you to have a constructive discussion.

If you have any questions about our netiquette please direct them to the editors at AarealONE@aareal-bank.com.

We look forward to your contributions.

The Aareal ONE editors